Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 355 in the Northwoods

   So, Pearl Harbor will have another meaning for me as of today.  My dearest Trigger found his way across the Rainbow Bridge today.  In 10 days, I will have lived in Eagle River for an entire year.  Many things have happened in this short year. 
    In the Krohn dog world; one dog got Lyme's disease even though he was given a prevention, one dog has a rare fungal disease that has a high probability of fatality, and the first dog with Lyme's got cancer.  Bone cancer.  Why?  I don't know.  Trigger, his illness was fast.  I am grateful for this.
   I want to talk about Trigger.  Trigger was the pick of the litter from a co-worker/friend who bred her female chocolate which produced some black labs and a yellow that she kept (and has since passed).  He was the biggest which has no implication whatsoever on brain size.  Cute as a 106lb button, but dumb as a box of rocks.  Trigger as a puppy went through the usual eating and chewing stage; he once ate 2 glass Christmas ornaments, a mountain dew can, and 4 flip-flops, unfortunately not paired up.  He wasn't crated, but Bob did put him in there initially for punishment and night time sleeping.  It did not last long.  He was born in August of 2004, and we brought him home in October.  Bob went to Farm and Fleet and purchased a "cat size" crate.  Yea, that lasted without exaggeration, 2 weeks. He grew and he grew fast.  Trigger spent alot of time with Bob at work for the first year of his life.  Riding to work with Bob, he sat shotgun on Nick's lap which later set precedent for being an over sized lapdog.  This was fine with me.  I loved his big floppy soft ears and ran them across my face.
   Trigger was potty trained and well behaved, and normally did not even know what a leash was because he was pretty well behaved.  He frolicked in the yard and had no intentions of taking off especially when daddy was home.  Back to the brain size; Trigger once attempted to get back into the house through the glass patio door, without the door being open.  Trigger hit the glass so hard the house shook.  He would bark and was afraid of inanimate objects such as garbage dumpsters, plastic containers that you may have been carrying, mailboxes, etc.  I often wondered if there was a vision problem.  I really don't think so.  We once had a mouse take up residence in our Greenfield home. Bob was watching television in the living room and said mouse ran across the living room carpet past Trigger who did nothing.  I think he saw it, but just did not act on it.  Hmm.  Wonder why?  Bob would occasionally get home from work when it was dark outside and I would let out the dogs to greet him. Trigger not seeing Bob, would start barking. Bob would hide behind his work van and start barking.  This produced a game of scared dog acting big and barking while backing up. 
   When we introduced Minnie our papillion to our pack, Trigger was pissed.  Growled.  Never really heard him growl before that.  Well that lasted a day.  After the first day of butt sniffing and puffing out his chest, Trigger and Minnie were fast friends and played well together. Size did not matter.  One of the cutest memories was Trigger and Minnie playing tug of war.  Trigger was so kind that he pretended to let Minnie get some ground.  When I called Trigger's name he forgot he was playing nicely with Minnie and snapped his head in my direction, dragging Minnie along with him, she flew through the air like superman.  It was really funny. 
    Trigger was such a beautiful boy that more than one person had asked us if we would let them use him for breeding.  We did not.  As much as I like to keep the breed alive, I really am not for breeding.  So many dogs need homes.  Trigger was eventually neutered.
   Trigger was not used for hunting as much as Bob would have liked, only because initially Bob had worked too much to put the time into him.  The times that he did go hunting with Bob he did well. 
Trigger lived for pleasing Bob.  He loved car rides, romping in the snow, treats, running on the beach of Lake Michigan, having his butt rubbed and fetching balls.
   Trigger's eyes were full of expression and his tail was typical lab; knocking over things, hurting my knees after replacement, etc.  Speaking of knee replacement.....when I returned home from the hospital Trigger was always a true care taker.  He ALWAYS jumped, in one svelte move onto the bed to snuggle with me.  I swear this is true.  I was concerned that he was so big that he would hurt me.  He did not.  Not only did he not hurt me, he laid with me and acted as if he truly understood my pain. 
   This fall, Trigger got into some trouble with dad.  We went exploring as we do and stopped at a small lake with a cool pier.  It was a cool day and Trigger was loving it.  As we were on the pier, Bob was saying "don't you dare Trig...." splash.  Trigger not only jumped in but dove.  Not at an angle, but straight down.  I have never heard a dog make such sputtering noises from getting water up his nose.  Ohhh, Bob was mad.  Dirty, wet, smelly dog in the truck with no towel, etc.  Trigger didn't have a clue.  He was so happy when he got out of the water and shook off, he trotted off happy as can be. 
   Today I was alone with Trigger when he took his last breaths.  Bawling like a baby, I couldn't think of anything other than how awful this was.  Later I reflected back on his life and recalled so many good moments.  Bob always tells me that when he dies he wants to come back as a dog, a dog that lives in our house.  He's right. Trigger had a great life.  He was allowed on furniture, celebrated holidays with special treats, hunted, ran, swam, snuggled, and was loved as part of the family.  I feel ripped off that he only lived until 8.  The vet says for his size that really is a geriatric age.
   I think if there is a God, that he has put pets on this earth for our enjoyment and to prepare us for further inevitable losses that will come.  I have not suffered close, immediate family loss yet, but I have a clue how it will feel. I don't like it.  How do people move on?  Trigger was my immediate family.
   The few words that I have typed do not do the boy justice.  Anyone that has loved a dog, I am sure understands.  Each dog has a different personality, a different quirk, a different imprint on your heart.   
   Big dummy; I love you more than I thought I would.  Daddy told me I wasn't allowed to turn you into a sissy when we first got you.  He also said that you were his dog and to back off.  Well you know how that went.  I miss you already.  I will see you up in heaven.  I am sure of it.
      Love, Mommy

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I never imagined; while staring at the tv in horror watching the real life violence unfold, I wondered what would happen when I went to work that day. I was a 32 yr old single mom of a spunky 7 yr old and an 8 yr old that acted almost like an adult. I put on my uniform later that day and prayed that the kids would be fine when my mom picked them up from school, and worried that they would have que...
stions about what happened today. Also, would they be fearful that something bad would happen to me? I always downplayed my career, not wanting their innocence to be tarnished with fear that something bad could happen to mommy. I was really the center of their world. At work we all walked into role call that day in stunned silence. I will never forget. That night as a 2nd shift police officer, I NEVER IMAGINED, that my spunky 7 yr old daughter, 11 yrs later, would be enlisted as an active duty Army soldier. Eleven years ago I would have cried and begged her not to, out of fear. Today I cry tears of understanding and pride.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


     Raspberry picking, I found a big hole which more than likely turns out to be a badger hole.  It would have been awesome to actually see the badger, but no such luck as they are nocturnal.  Plus Bob says I wasn't exactly dressed to run away from a ticked off mammal that would be running after me.  The weather here has been ridiculous, hot and humid, apparently not the norm.  We have no air conditioning which everyone here says is unnecessary (I kind of disagree), but it does save quite the penny!  Someday I think we may invest, but not at this point.  This particular day pictured above it was around dinner time, and it was HOT, humid and we were totally dripping with sweat.  We did find quite the jackpot that day.  I do know why raspberries are so expensive, because they are not that easy to pick!  Very time consuming.

     I am very excited to be keeping busy by painting, decorating and staging a house for my fabulous landlord, BB.  I really love doing this. 

     Bob has been going back and forth to the Milwaukee area working, which leaves me alone on my own more than I want.  However, in the big picture it's a really good thing.  It's helping out so much financially.  When he is here in ER, we fish, go out exploring the woods and the area lakes and really enjoy our time together.  We still don't have cable or satellite television, but at this point we don't really miss it.  He gets his fill while he is sleeping at my parents' in St. Francis, before going to bed.  I spend alot of time outside, clean, hang with the poochies and read. 

     My 43rd birthday I spent in the Porcupine Mtns with friends, Bob was unable to join us, which was really sad.  It was my first tent camping and it was pretty cool. I swam in Lake Superior, saw bears eating leftovers at a restaurant, went to Lake of the Clouds and hiked some beautiful trails.   Friends from Greenfield have come here to visit also which was also awesome, but Bob missed that too :(   I got to go pleasure boating for the first time in a long time (Bob uses his boat for fishing, and fishing only).  I also took my friends' daughter for a week and went to the Wildwood Zoo which is my all time new favorite zoo.  It's a petting zoo and there are so many kinds of animals that you can interact with.  We also took her tubing, geocaching and to the movies.  It's been quite a busy summer.  I feel very fortunate.

     I am counting down the days now until my baby leaves for the Army.  I can't believe that it's less than a month.  I get choked up just thinking about it.  Both kids, so far away.  Proud but sad.

     I can't believe it's been 7 full months of living up here.  I am blessed to be here, yet there isn't a day that goes by that I am not reminded of the events leading up to it.  I found out yesterday that someone is making an offer on our house in Greenfield.  I pray for a sale as that would be in our best interest and to start the long road to recovery. 

     Hoping that my mom comes up soon.  She had her knee replaced 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting patiently for her to come up and visit as she has not been here yet.  She will absolutely love it, but she fears the long ride. 

     One last round of visitors are coming this next weekend, I look forward to the visit, Bob will be here too.  I wish Gary and Kenney could come.  Maybe.

     As always, missing family and friends.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a Date

Weird and bizarre weather lately.  Makes me think something crazy is going on with the World.  Cold, hot, rain, dry, humid, hail and all in one day. 

Bob is here and it appears he may be here for a few days this time.  Niko is back in Cali, Bailey back to St Francis awaiting leaving for the ARMY.  Some different sets of friends will come and visit in the next 6 weeks, I am trying to get familiar with everything in the area so we can keep everyone entertained.  My local friend CC has been away for a bit on a vacation, anxiously awaiting her arrival back at home as she is my only friend I have here and she is truly a great find.

Went fishing since Bob has been home and enjoyed the peace and serenity of Stella Lake.  Took some great pics of lily pads, a beaver hut and downed trees.  Looking forward to a hike around Shannon Lake, hopefully this week too.  We hiked there in March when we had that weird warm spell when it was in the 70's and 80's.  I can't wait to see how the shrubbery has changed.  I won't need a cane this time either.  My $10 bike I found at a rummage has been put to good use.  Bob thinks I am still "a gimp", but I think I am fine.  It has been one year this month for the first knee replacement and 9 months for the other.  Ironically the 2nd replacement is feeling and doing betther than the first.  When we went fishing the other day in our little boat, I was stepping on an anchor, poles, a net and other things and he became impatient and said "when are you going to be healthy?".  This frustrates me.  I am healthy.  Uneven ground is really difficult for people with new knees.  Ugh.  Anyways, the new bike is perfect rehab.  I enjoy that much more than the stationery bike (so does Maggie as she usually gets to come along in the front basket). 

Hopefully someone I know that lives in North Hollywood won't open his mouth and get me in trouble, but....another someone I know that is staying with my parents in St Francis went on a date tonight to a Brewers game.  She is so cute.  Took a pic of her outfit and asked my opinion.  Poor girl, I hear it's in the high 90's there!  Good thing she is young, and cute with porcelain skin.  I would be sweating like a stuffed pig right about now and looking like a drowned rat.  Well I hope the date turns out as she wishes.  I heard stories about this particular young man and it sounds like a good match, at least for a date.

A GFPD friend of mine made my week by sending me a care package in the mail, made up of various items I love.  Thoughtfulness goes along way.  I think I am going to pay it forward.  I was pretty good about that in the past, but have dropped the ball in my pity party for Angie lately.  And another GFPD friend sent me some really cool items for Bailey for an Army scrapbook. 

Trying to talk my mom into coming to my house in the late summer, early fall.  She has to get HER knee replaced (had one done years ago and has been putting off the 2nd one as she hated the recovery).  She would love it here.  My parents have yet to visit :(  They say the drive is too long, but they jump in the car and drive to Shawano for a fish fry!  My dad isn't really a "stay overnight guest" kind of person, but I hope I can talk my mom into staying for awhile after her knee replacement.  Not many things in ER, but there is a physical therapy place 3 miles from my house, which our (we have the same orthopedic doctor) knee doc has already told me he could send anyone to this facility including me.  (Funny story, my knee doc lives right outside of Rhinelander Thursday - Sunday and in Milwaukee area Monday thru Wednesday.  I had my knees done in Milwaukee, way before I knew I would be living up here, AND he goes to my same church.  Talk about small world!  He does not practice medicine up here, just lives up here).

Very proud of a certain someone that lives on the West Coast for acknowleding his step dad for father's day.  For all the drama and I don't care attitude he puts out there, I see he still has a big heart. 

Sweating my bee jeezers off, going to hit a cold bath (no air conditioner up here in da' nort).

xxoo and miss all my family and friends.  still.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Approaching the 6 month mark for my move to the Northwoods.  Niko and Bailey came to stay for a week.  The time flew by.  We didn't have a ton of money but made the best of it.  We went to the Wildwood Wildlife Zoo in Woodruff, and oh was it fabulous!  I think I like it more than the Milwaukee Co Zoo!  So many animals to see and touch, so little staff to warn you not to.  It was awesome.  I am considering getting an annual membership.  It's not too expensive and I would really like to just sit and watch all the critters.  Don't know why these peacocks are behind a cage, as lots of them were walking about but what a neat pic. We also went to see a movie, fished, went shooting, horseback riding (haven't done that in 10 years) and I was pretty impressed how well I did with the knees!  Went to a wonderful flea market, my friends took them to see Bond Falls and Bonanza Falls and Lake Superior, another friend took them to Rhinelander to see a movie.  All this even with Niko not getting his pretty little head off of the pillow until the afternoon on most days!   

Bailey graduated from high school last Sunday.  My baby.  I cannot even believe it.  I feel like a huge chapter closed. She will stay at my parents for most of the summer and will visit me a few times before leaving at the end of August for boot camp.  She says she wants to keep going to PT for the ARMY which is near my parents house.  She also said that with me moving up north in the winter, it prepared her more for her move away from home when joining the ARMY.  She claims that if she was living with me here it would be harder to leave in August (sniff).  Also she feels that grandma likes having her there.  I think Bailey also likes grandma waiting on her!

Niko is still here in Wisconsin, visiting with friends and family until he flies back to LA on Friday.  Brat in true form while he visited.  I forgot how the World revolves around him.  And when trying to set boundaries with him, he argues with me saying "I am not 15 years old anymore, I am an adult!".  Really hard to argue with a young man, coming into his own, that is always right.  As much as I felt like clobbering him over the head, I sure miss the snot. 

Bob continues to work some in the Milwaukee area (take it when you can), which has left me alone this week.  Silence.  Alot of silence.  Trying to be as thrifty as possible, I haven't contacted DISH Network again (to see if Bob's tree trimming helped find a signal).  I figure it's saving money each month.  These last couple of windy days have left me tv-less.  Yesterday was 90 degrees, today the high was 60 degrees and there is a frost advisory tonight!  Anyways, I worked in the yard and am trying to make it our own.  Dug out a little area and spread some wildflower seeds last week.  Also bought a bike at a rummage sale with a cute wicker basket on the front, so Maggie and I took a 3 mile ride today.  Good for the knees and the butt, ha, ha. 

Today is Tuesday.  Stock car racing down the road.  Loud.  Since it's chilly today the windows are closed so it's a little better.  I wonder how long this racing season is?

Looking forward to more warm days, Bailey and I and Korkie (what a sight we were), took a blow up boat and a blow up chair down the river the other day.  It was great!  We went about a mile and got out at our friends house, where Niko picked us up with the car.  It took over and hour and we needed to use our little paddles to push off some rocks sometimes, but it was great!  I can't wait to do it again.  

I think I finally have a good systme worked out for the birds that we feed.  However as I say that I am watching a gosh darn chipmunk toss off all the expensive stuff onto the ground from about 7 feet up, off of one of the feeders.  I had to move some things around as the deer also like the expensive bird seed.  The deer get corn out of a big covered troth (also purchased for 10 bucks at a rummage sale), and I have suet feeders and wild bird mix in various feeders throughout the yard.  It's so entertaining.

The recent bad news; a tree fell on our 2nd garage/workshop, not too much damage, fixable.  Bob's work van that we really need for him to be successful - died.  Dead.  No longer operational, ever.  Recent good news; we made some new, wonderful friends.  Some old friends are coming to visit.  We plan on going camping for the first time in our lives in the Porcupine Mountains.  I am healthy.  Bob is healthy.  Kids and family-healthy. 

Tomorrow I plan on finally painting 2 sides of the garages that don't match the rest.  Yes, I have been putting it off.  Move, clean, paint, move, clean, paint.  Feels like a re-run.  But that should be the last of the painting for awhile. 

Next time I go back South, I hope to catch up with everyone.  Didn't get a chance to see anyone (except one), when I went to Bailey's graduation as we were in town less than 24 hours!  Stopped at the old house and took a look around.  Hard to breathe.  Everytime I think of it, I feel like a failure.  

Happy June everyone.  Make the most of it.  It seems like it's going to be a pleasant weather month.

(Wanted to post more pics; river rafting with Korkie, more of the zoo, tree on the garage, but it took 20 minutes to load just the one!)  Ugh.  Take the good with the bad of the northwoods :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Puddle of Mudd

   Sitting in the drive, waiting for Bob to get home from Milwaukee.  He has been gone for 2 weeks.  Today it's supposed to be in the 80's.  Tomorrow is a fabulous day....we are going to MudFest, Puddle of Mudd is going to be in Eagle River at the derby track.  Apparently this is a first for up here, just in time for us!  A friend forwarded a groupon offer and we got a great deal on general admission tickets.  I can't wait.  We love music.  There are 2 other bands, and the winner of battle of the bands, which I don't know a whole lot about, but will tomorrow.
   I am hoping Bob can relax and enjoy the scenery and weather today and doesn't stress out about money and such.  I have accomplished quite a bit while he was gone in hopes that he could take a break while here at home. 
   A peliated wood pecker just flew past while I was typing this, so close I got almost touch it.  It's a huge wood pecker, (wonder if that what Woody Wood Pecker was?).  Also the blue jays are hanging off the suet and the red squirrel is harassing Maggie by constantly chirping at her.  I have to bring in the feeders every night now since the bears have visited and done some damage. 
   My pet sitter came this week and got familiar with the house as we both leave for Milwaukee soon, to see Bailey, my baby graduate.  I can type that now with no emotion, however once they start that pomp and circumstance song, I will be a blubbering mess.  I can't believe it.  On one hand the years have gone by slowly (some of the bad stuff), and the other they just flew by.  I cannot believe they will both be on their own come August.  Wow.  Plus, Mr. Drama himself will be visiting me in our new northwoods location.  That should be a trip.  Niko and bugs, dirt and other elements!  Although I know he will appreciate the scenery and the wildlife.  Hope he brings his camera (he will).  Wait until he sees how awful phone service is here!  Oh boy.  I plan on stopping at Verizon today to dumb down my phone.  My smart phone, is not so smart here.  I NEVER get service.  Never does it show missed calls...I have to call my voicemail daily, just to see if I missed a call.  However, Bob's generic contractor type phone works just fine.  d
   Met with a fellow retired GFPD guy yesterday.  That was nice. A little reminder of who we are.  His family has a cabin getaway about 8 minutes from my house and he is looking for a little help changing the sheets between guests.  What a small world. 
   Bob should be here any minute, I can't wait until he sees the bent hook from the bear and the now not so usable suet holder.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's the little things

As I sit in the driveway, enjoying this glorious day, in shock and disbelief that it's in the high 60's in northern Wisconsin, so early in the season.  Yesterday topped out at 83 degrees!  I am thankful for the little things.  My ER friend and I drive to Rhinelander each (almost every) Tuesday and coffee clutch with some ladies then do some city type errands.  Today was a plant day.  As most of you know I love my flowers.  I miss my perennial garden terribly, however I more than likely can grab a few from the yard when back in Milwaukee in two weeks.  Today we stopped at the local organic food store and found some pretty good deals for up here.  Flats in ER were $20!!! And a single 4inch Gerbera Daisy pot was $25!!!  Seriously.  But in Rhinelander at the Golden Harvest Organic store, flats were more reasonable (gerbera daisy's were $7, same size pot).  I was able to snatch up a few annuals within my budget.  We also stopped at a nursery called Forth Floral.  It was kind of like a miniature Mileagers.  Very healthy, not too pricey plants.   I was so proud of myself as I did not go crazy in there!  Back in the day I could walk into one of those nurseries and walk out with so many flowers I couldn't fit them all in the car or truck in one trip!   So a little color will be great at the new house.

So on the downside...just got a call from Bob who says the hooptie (aka the pedophile van) is dead.  Took it to our good friend Ralph who says, it's not worth fixing.  The transmission is shot.  Sigh.  Oh well, ups and downs is how we roll.  Ralph says it could make it a month or six months.  Hopefully he will get back!

Also a bear got into our bird feeder overnight and had his way with my Shepard's hook. Bent it in half.  Rude.  Not too hot on the idea of a visiting bear with the dogs and all.  I guess I will bring in the yummies from now on at night. 

I had a visitor this last weekend that helped with a butt load of yardwork.  Maddie was nice enough to come with her mom Misty and hang out while we sweated and worked hard.  As you see her and Maggie are also hard at work....lots more to do.  But, I love yard work and shaping it into a pretty space.  Well, the blue jays are yelling at me because they can't get to their feeder with me sitting here.  Headed in to finish some trim painting on my door.  It seems I have started a tradition and I have painted my entry door purple.  Sounds like a good name for a book, "Angie and the purple door".  Oh wait, that's Harold and the purple crayon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally HOME

   A sigh of relief just left my lungs in a loud huffing noise.  I sit in my living room looking out the front window and am so giddy I could giggle like a kindergartener.  This past few months has been a roller coaster, and yet that is not the right word as that it implies that it was a fun ride.  In 4 and a half short months we moved a 3 bedroom home (and scrapbook room, and man cave stuff, and tools, fishing and hunting equipment) twice.  Through the process I wonder how people do it?  I have some relatives that moved states, jobs, lives almost every other year.  And they also had stuff. 
   My not-so-nice ex-landlord called yesterday and left a voicemail, he sounded defeated.  "Wondering if you gave any thought to buying the house you are renting from me?"  Uhhh, no.  I did recently tell him that we were re-locating and going to be out on or before June 1st. I wonder why he thinks we may change our mind.  This was after he called Century 21 who promptly put a 'for sale' sign in the front yard.  His offer for us to purchase the house was ridiculous.  He wanted us to pay an outrageous higher rent, for 3 years, and after that 3 years, still purchase it for the asking price of $159,000.  As nice as the house was to live in, it was not the house I wanted to live in forever.  Even if the water worked (needs a new drilled well $6,000) or if the heat always worked, or....well the list goes on and on.  Plus, on principle alone, no way.  He lied to us.  After living there for 2 months we found that our rent was going in his pocket and he was going to foreclose.  Hey, I get it if you can't afford the house, but don't tell us that you'd like us to be long-term renters with a possible time frame of 3-5 years. 
   Yet, in a way I am grateful to this man.  If it wasn't for him, we would never have found the home we just moved into.  A fabulous man who I will call BB, has this business who helps people like us.  We are renting to own.  It's truly a win-win.  He buys homes (more than likely foreclosures), puts some money into them, and sets up a rent to own program for a time period that allows you to recover financially and eventually purchase the home with your own financing down the road.  I did the math and he makes about 5% in the end.  No different than a bank.
   Let's move on to a new subject; Niko is coming to Milwaukee for Bailey's high school graduation and will be there June 1st.  I can't wait to see him.  My parents haven't seen him for 11 months!  Bob, I and Jake will drive back for Bailey's graduation, Jake will be staying with his mom for awhile, and I will bring Niko and Bailey back for a week or so.  I can't wait.  Hmm, Niko, do you think you can take some of your crap back with you to Hollywood?  It's taking up almost a whole storage locker !!!!  Then Bailey leaves for North Carolina in August for basic training, 9 weeks, afterwards, Missouri for 21 weeks for job training.  Wow, I am old.  However, not as old as Bob :)  He just turned 44 in April.  My brain still feels like I am 20 something, now the body, that's another story.  Knees are doing ok, but I really should get on that darn bike.  My body has been so sore from moving, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  But I will. 
   My goal is to keep positive during all these changes that are happening in our lives.  I continue to miss my family and friends, but truly feel that I belong here, up north.  I am at ease, calm and feel like I am in another world when sitting outside, watching the wildlife, trees, even the people.
   I saw a rubber stamp at an event I went to this weekend, and boy did it hit home; God always provides a safe landing, but he never said the ride would be calm.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbow in my woods

   I  am starting to feel a little less of a visitor and more of a resident.  This past few weeks has been pretty positive.  There were so many ups and downs with house hunting.  Of course I use the terms "house hunting" loosely.  We were really so pressed for time trying to find a place we could call home before our current landlord returns from Florida, my constant fear that Bob would beat the living snot out of him if we saw him in person.  I also didn't want to pay said landlord one extra penny,  I wanted to be out.  We were juggling the prospect of 3 separate houses, one worse than the other.   One was tiny, I mean tiny. One was dirty, and really dirty.  And the last one was far away from town, pricey and very much in the boondocks. 
   Bob was leaving last week to go work in Milwaukee for 5 days and I had found a craigslist posting for a house just down the road from us that was for rent and on the Wisconsin River.  Bob told me not to bother calling as he did not want to rent and really was hoping to find a house on land contract.  So of course I did what any good wife does, and used total disregard and called on it.  I spoke to such a nice sincere man that explained to me that I probably would not be interested as he would really prefer to sell on rent to own!  There was some competition as another interested party wanted to buy it outright, but I could come and see it if I would like.  I fell in love, instantly.  This house needs no immediate attention.  There are a couple little things Bob could tinker with, but definitely nothing huge and/or expensive.  Three levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, new carpeting, new flooring, newer toilets, showers, brand new kitchen appliances, a butcher block island with a dishwasher in it, gas fireplace in the kitchen, house heated by LP gas, electric backup if necessary, a screened in porch facing the huge backyard that leads to the river (I will refer to this as the veranda, it sounds so much cooler than I really am), and 135 feet of river frontage, with a pier.  Sigh. 
   Two of the houses that we were crossing our fingers about, turned us down as they decided against selling on land contract.  The last house (the dirty, dingy house) that was on the line had turned down our initial offer, however accepted our counter offer verbally, but not on paper.  And at this point they hadn't met the time frame to respond.  So here we were in limbo. 
   April 10th, my last day to pay the rent on our current house before he assumes that it is our 60 day notice, I receive a call from the nice gentleman from the Wisconsin River house.  Brad.  I could kiss Brad and his business partner Randy.  What an awesome pair.  I had told them everything and we worked out an awesome deal. And I mean everything.  We are in a rent to own situation for 2 years or more, putting down a down payment and with part of rent going towards the principal/down payment of the house. 
   We don't close until May 1st, but I have been there a few times doing some yard work and sitting on the pier in awe.  I keep thinking; if we didn't rent our current house, and have to leave after only a few months, we would never have found this amazing place. 
   I must say that faith has been playing a huge role.  Our new church is awesome.  Even as I type this I am watching an episode of The Big C on Showtime.  The young man who is in high school just joined a Bible group at school. It really is painting a different picture of what I had assumed in the past that bible study was about.  Bob and I go to a new friends house and watch a video called "The Truth Project".  I really enjoy it.  I really am learning so much.  I also decided that there are no coincidences.  I feel that I am here in ER for a reason, that I have met my FDL girlfriends for a reason, along with my new northwoods friends. 
   I promise to worry less.  I look forward to moving into our new home.  I feel guilty and not deserving of how beautiful it is, but I am going to earn it.  I am thankful for my health, my family, and my friends.  I will continue to miss my friends and family and the PD and The Scrapbook Store.  And I will continue to keep my new faith.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Showers....

   Heading into April with the unknown still looming above.  At this point we have 2 houses lined up for possible land contract (rent to own).  There are positives to both and negatives to both.  Either one will be fine....I just want to have it done and over with, on paper, in the door, moved in, etc. 
 The Sayner home which we found on our own is smaller, more reasonable, charming, has character, newer siding, newer garage, metal roof, dry basement, decent yard, and no realtor involved, no extra added costs.  Downfalls; farther away than we wanted, smaller than we wanted, needs a bathroom total remodel, and stairs have to be moved (the stairs to the 2 small bedrooms that are upstairs are located in the bathroom, yep, bathroom).  The Eagle River home is much larger even enough to accomodate guests, great location, decent size garage and a pole barn, dry basement which is really large, newer roof and has a wood burner besides electric heat.  Downfalls; a little more expensive, needs every piece of carpeting ripped out, including the basement (which means replacing), needs extensive yard work, a realtor is involved and an attorney will be needed for the paper and the homeowner wants more of a down payment.  The house has a very basic layout, no additional charm at all.
   The Sayner home has accepted our offer and we could move forward, which we were going to do today, the last minute the Eagle River house which initially declined our offer, is trying to work something out with us.  So... I am thankful for both opportunities and thankful for our realtor friend who has been really helping us out. 
   Bob is in Milwaukee this week building a house and staying at my parents, coming home (I think) on the weekend and brining Bails with him.  She will be staying for the week with me.  It's going to be awesome.  I really miss her.  She got sworn in today for the ARMY, and I missed it, I feel like I am really disappointing her.  I have a little surprise for her... I bought some little ARMY guys at WalMart, and I plan on making a cake and putting them on top, along with some other "way to go" small gifts.  Bob, Bailey and I are spending Easter at CC's house, who has really been kind and welcoming to us.  Bob will head back to Milwaukee after Easter sometime and Bailey and I will watch movies in our pj's all day, hit the thrift stores and catch up.  We also need to find her a (very) reasonable Prom dress, as she was recently asked by one of her best guy friends to go.
   I continue to think about my friends and family that are far away.  I will admit the scenery and the way of life up here in ER is beautiful, but I do still miss them. I miss the store, and the PD, as always....
   Niko is doing well, still.  He recently wrote up a resume and plans on trying to find a flight attendant job.  Target, however nice it is that he has a job, is just not his ultimate goal.  They tend to schedule him all over the board; days, afternoons, evenings, weekends, with no apparent pattern, which makes it hard for him to get a second job or schedule anything.  Travelling would be right up Niko's alley.  Perfect fit.  He is somewhat of a loner, but makes friends easily.  I can just hear him being a little snarky "no sir, we DO NOT provide pillows..." can't you???
 Hopefully next post there will be sunshine and answers.   


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

U Rah!

   So the word is in.  This sweet little girl got accepted into the US ARMY.  I cannot believe it.  We had been waiting for her medical file to get cleared from the Surgeon General (regarding her Jones tube in her eye) and she was passed through.  Last week she went to the MEPS center (Military Entrance Processing Station) for her last physical testing.  She described it as a weird "bonding" type thing with the girls that were present, as they had to jump around in their undies in front of each other; ha, ha.  Although very proud of her, I am still in shock that this is her chosen field.  We aren't talking ARMY Reserves, full blown ARMY duty for her!  Next week she gets sworn in.  I am sad that I probably won't be able to be there for that.  Hopefully gram takes good pics.  Bailey is pictured above with Milwaukee County Sheriff Clark, from last years Pet Expo at Wisconsin State Fair.

   It's a gloomy dark day here in the northwoods.  Today so far is a no pants required day. Wind is blowing and it's overcast. Watching a few movies on tv and enjoying the pretty view of the trees outside.  This past weekend my good friends from Fond du Lac visited and scrapped.  We had a really nice time.  We laughed, cried, ate and enjoyed the time scrapping. Poor CaSandra, had to hear Misty and I talk about church and God and other such things that C didn't want to talk about. She was a trooper and told us to shut the f#$% up!    It's so nice to have such good friends, not complicated, no pressure, just hanging out being ourselves.

   Still haven't heard if we are for sure going to be living in Sayner.  Haven't heard from the owner and nothing is in writing yet.  Bob will be calling him today to confirm.  It sure would be nice to have that set in stone so we can move on with plans.

   It appears I will have my first full blown camping experience soon.  July 5-9th we will be headed to Porcupine Mountain and we will be camping....a tent and everything!  I can't wait.  Then our good friends' the Leppers are coming for a visit with their family.  This too is exciting.  I can't wait to see some friends from home. 

   Tonight we head over to the Calvetti's for dinner and the Truth Project.  Should get going on the dessert now, as that's my responsibility this time.   Tomorrow or Thursday volunteering at the Childrens Museum and the opposite day a 2 mile hike with Bob.  Headed to Milwaukee on Friday as Bailey is in a musical.  Can't wait to see her.  Back on Saturday.  So glad we found a nice girl to pet sit.  She stays at our home while we are gone. 

   Well time to put pants on.  Have a happy day everyone.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

   So many changes;  Last night I had such stomach issues, I was up all night using the restroom from more than one orface of my body.  Ok, so that's not the big changes, but I believe the changes made me have this appointment with the porcelain potty.
   We have confirmed that our house that we are renting will be put up for sale the first week of April.  So, I hit the bricks....I have searched, researched, read, spread the word, looking for a new place to live.  We are at wits end.  Yes, it's inconvenient to move again, but that's just the tip of the iceburg.  We got rid of our stove, frig, washer and dryer as the house we are renting provided these.  Because we thought we would be renting this house for the next couple of years (as the landlord had said he would like us to), we didn't feel it was economical to keep those appliances (move them, store them, will they work after we store them anyways....).  Plus we downsized so much.  Will we need these things now???
   Our hope is to find a house that we can buy on land contract.  Gives us a chance to put a little money down and call it home (including making any updates etc) while we get our finances in order for the next 2 years.  Bob does NOT want to rent again, plus who the heck will take us with our furry babies?  Yes I know, some people will say "they should just get rid of their dogs", but I cannot.  We have lost so much over the past months, and not just material things; pride, sense of purpose, self worth, emotional and physical well being, the list goes on.  I can't imagine looking at these dogs and letting them go.  I made a commitment by adopting them and darn it I am going to do everything in my power to make sure they stay with us. They are the one thing in my home right now that make me happy.  The kids are gone, all my old friends are a million miles away, I don't see my parents and my favorite Unc's (moved to FL 2 years ago).
   As much as I feel that it was in everyone's best intererst to move to the beautiful northwoods at this point, it's sure not easy. 
   So after a couple of weeks of dead ends, doors slammed, looking at unliveable properties, we have our fingers crossed.  We found a tiny house in Sayner 15 minutes NW of the house we are renting.  Lots of potential, lots of work.  BUT, it's reasonably priced, it has all of what we need; a garage, a basement, and some acreage.  It's got "3" bedrooms and 1 bath, a mud room and comes with the appliances, even a washer and dryer.  I use quotations for 3 because of this...guess where 2 of the 3 bedrooms are?  Yes, upstairs, but how do you think you get to those rooms?  Oh you will never guess.  And I mean never.  Through the bathroom.  Bathroom, yep, that's right.  At first Bob was like no way are we going to live here.  But, after we weighed our limited options, we started re-thinking it.  Bob is a carpenter ya' know.  So we went back and looked at this house.  It has so much charm and yet some updates (ok besides the whole bathroom with stairs in it issue).  Besides charm, it has a newer metal roof, newer siding, the garage has pull down stairs with a 2nd story for storage and you can actually walk around up there!  Knotty pine ceilings in the living room, knotty walls in the dining area and living room.  A cute little front porch sitting area that is enclosed.  It's adjacent to a tiny cemetery too.  That doesn't bother me one bit.  So, any who Bob took a look and found a way to re-configure the stairs to go through the front porch area up to the 2nd story, we could take the stairs out of the bathroom which would make the 1960's decorated bathroom even bigger.  So the money needed for updates is mostly cosmetic.  Not structural besides the stairs, which he would do.  If we do close the deal on this place I will post pics of the bathroom/stair issue.  No one will believe it. 
   Today we leave to head to the Northwoods Childrens Museum to help a friend that is doing a little acting during a field trip there.  They need one of our dogs.  So we are bringing Bunnie.  Hopefully sometime today we will know more about the cute little house in Sayner, actually Town of Plum Lake.  Please cross your fingers, pray or whatever it is you do, for us.  Any positive thoughts will be helpful.  We need this break.

Monday, March 5, 2012

cabin fever

Glad my husband is back.  Dogs even seem more at ease.  Had a wonderful weekend at Klondike Days in Eagle River. Bailey came for the weekend and I really enjoy seeing her, even if she seemed quiet and reserved.  I think she is pondering moving here in the summer if the Army falls through, I know she is torn between living here with mom and staying south, hanging with grandma and grandpa to keep them company.  I wonder what way the chips will fall.  Three short months until my baby graduates from high school.

Financially we are getting back on our feet.  No clue on our current rental situation but I decided to put worry on the back burner.  I continue to look for the perfect job, to no avail.  

The snow total turned out to be more than 20 inches last week, and we really had fun sledding down Chickaree Lake Rd on small, round saucers. We also built quite the fort.    I look forward to warmer weather so I can walk without fear of slipping on the ice.  Fell on my butt last week and still can feel it in my bones.  Winter fat is starting to pack on!!!

Starting to really miss some friends south of here. Hoping to visit with them soon. 

Niko continues to thrive in Cali, and as I know as he reads this I say... 3 more months Niko!  More work, so I don't worry so much.

Baby Kitty has decided to take up residence on my chest, time to stop blogging and start petting.  

Happy thoughts :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Worry is my middle name

   Started typing beforing posting a title today.  Don't know what to title this.  As I am headed in the direction of thinking that things happen for a reason and that there may be a bigger plan for me somewhere, something happens that makes me question this. 
   I am renting a fabulous home in ER, that we are very satisfied with and extremely fortunate to have found.  The dogs are in heaven, there's a beautiful view, wildlife, an actual scrapbook room for me, the list goes on.  But we received some mail for the landlord today that has me wondering if it's too good to be true.  I am thinking he may be losing the house.  This is NOT confirmed, but just a suspicion. (No valid proof on any circuit court records either).  Sigh.  I do not know what I will do if we have to move.  I don't know how we could ever find a place like this again.  This is a picture of the back of the house that faces a teeny, tiny lake.  The house actually has 2 stories and a dry, clean basement besides that is accessed through an outside door only (where all hunting and fishing attire and supplies are stored).  The lot is almost 4 acres of woods.  We also have a garage in the front of the house, up the driveway about 75 yards from the house, which stores my car, and a trailer.  Again, I feel we are very fortunate.  It was affordable, perfect location, efficient and has become our home, not just a house. 
   So, I call said landlord (who lives in another state), and his phone is off!  OMG.  Sigh.  So I either have to write to him, or continue to try calling his cell phone on a future date.  In the meantime, I WILL NOT worry.  Yea, right.  Worry is my middle name. 
   On a positive note; Bob is in Milwaukee making some money, working on an exterior of a house, working on remodeling a bathroom, and some other odd jobs.  He is staying at my parents and spending some time with Bailey, which she loves.  Jake and I are keeping busy, feeding the deer, watching tv and running errands. 
   Yesterday dropped 2 inches of snow and tomorrow starts a storm with 40mph winds and 4-8 inches of snow!  So today, we took a trip to Minocqua to check out a cute store called "Stamp This, Scrap That".  Owner/operator K was super nice and helpful.  They had lots of outdoorsy type products that I can't get in Milwaukee, including custome laser die cuts with words like "Eagle River" and such.  We also found 3 Re-sale/thrift shops that were awesome!  I am thrilled that Jake doesn't mind stopping and shopping at these places!  And we went to Kim's Cozy Cabin www.kimscozycabinhomedecor.  What an awesome place!  It happens to be right across the road from Bob and Jake's favorite fishing store Rollie & Helen's Musky Pro Shop.  So I stopped for Jake and his fave, then we tried Kim's.  OMG.  It was awesome.  She has over 100 artists displayed there, and I am not talking just art.  Wow.  Anything from custom toilet paper holders, to keychains, wall art, get the point.  And REASONABLE.  I walked in thinking "oh, oh this is going to be way out of my league", and found it wasn't!  Really cool stuff.  I can't wait to take Bob there.  Lots of fishing type house decor that anyone would love in their home.
   So, we then headed to Walmart, bought some necessities, grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.  We took "J" home and went past a few State Forest areas, when I finally decided we should check some out.  We headed to the boat launch by Clear Lake and saw people snowshoeing, and a man walking his black lab way up in the woods.  Very nice.  What a beautiful area I live in.  We couldn't help ourselves, and stopped at Dariy Queen for blizzards (without a coupon, I felt so sassy!).  Now we are stuffed and content.  Except for that whole possibly having to move thing, it's been a pretty good day.
   Tomorrow Jake and I are going to Church.  Yep, you heard me.  We are going to Grace Foursquare in Rhinelander.  I think it's considered Rhinelander...Have NO idea how that is going to feel.  But we are going to give it a try.  It was very nice of my new friend C to offer to meet us there and make us feel comfortable.  I am looking forward to it.  I guess I have something to pray for :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

   Is there a "chip" for surviving 60 days in a World that you are abruptly transitioned to?  You know, like Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous?  Or even a 12 step program?  Which step am I on now...?  Well, I have passed step 1; that our lives had become unmanageable, but definitely have not made it to step 12; Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps.  Wondering what the timeline is for this?  Each day I wake up, I forget where I am and why?  Until the sleepy fog passes and I look out the window and see pine trees dusted in snow.  Hmm, where is the neighbors house?  Where is that noisy garbage truck and recycling truck that are usually bustling down the street?  Oh yea!  I don't live in Greenfield anymore!  Kind of like Dorothy in Oz; Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. 
   Thankfully I have connected with some ladies that are true and sincere.  They have been kind enough to allow me into their Tuesday coffee and chat time in Rhinelander.  As my "old friends" know, I do not drink coffee (sorry Niko), but I did find a delicious hot chocolate or cold frappe drink that is good.  Also one of the ladies and I will be doing a little crafty card project at the Eagle River Childrens Museum.  We plan on working on some prototypes and then possibly doing an adult workshop where all the supplies are provided, and the card maker gets to keep 50% of the cards they make and the other half will be donated to the museum, which they will sell and keep the proceeds for the museum.  Pretty good plan I think!
   My time is spent worrying about the problems we have with the "point" well system we have, managing the laundry and doing the dishes in between toilet flushes. And spending time outdoors.  Bob, Jake and I have been doing some ice fishing along with Maggie and Korkie.  Last weekend we went to a Lake that will remain un-named (we will call it Lake B), such a secret society up here!  It's a well known fact that you WILL NOT give the name of a Lake that is a good producer of fish, so don't even ask.  Seriously??   Anywho, we did fabulously.  We caught many, many pan fish; blue gills and perch while jigging out of a hole and caught some pretty hefty northern with tip ups.  When we stopped at the local gas and go to get our live bait for the day, I found a hot pink tip up that had my name written all over it.  We couldn't use it that day, as it still needs to be set up with line and such, but it's so cool (it's the small things).

      So, as I sit here listening to the blabber of the crazy women from The View, Minnie is laying on her back snoring...I think it's time for me to put on some pants and get the day going.  So much to do before the big Wednesday television night (not).  Because you know, I have to keep working on those 12 steps.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chopped (not blended) Family....

   Such a week!  Busiest week that I have had in forever.  I went on a scrapbook weekend with my good friends Carolyn and Kristi and had an awesome and much needed time away. I really needed that laughter.  Then Sunday spent the night at my parents and got to catch up with Bailey who is staying there, finishing her senior year.  Then onward to see the sunny Uncles in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  I went with my good friend Misty and met my son Niko there (haven't seen him in 7 months!).  We were there Monday through Saturday. Had a fabulously, quiet, relaxing time. Great weather even though we failed to see the illusive manatee.  I hated to come back to the snow and cold. Spent Saturday night at my parents again, went for a polish buffet style lunch on Sunday with Bailey and my mom and dad then headed back to ER.  Bob left for Milwaukee, leaving Jake and I to fend for ourselves for a week.
  Lucky Bob is staying at my parents house, getting food served to him constantly, having towels put out for him before his shower, and sleeping in an awesomely dark, quiet bedroom.  However, I got to meet some new friends!  I cannot believe it!  I have been here 2 months and have networked with some wonderful ladies that made me feel like I have been here forever.  We talked about medical and mental health, kids, crafts, church, animals, husbands, ex-spouses, blended (or as Cathy would say "chopped") families and foods.  Then I was taken to a wonderful organic food store, the smells were amazing...and onward to a small scrap store in Rhinelander.  Lastly, we stopped at the local Childrens Museum which was extremely interesting.  I wish my kids were little!  Next week it appears I may be helping co-ordinate a card class or workshop!  So excited.  Finally it's starting to feel a little more normal for me.
   Yesterday Jake and I took the drive to Rhinelander and munched on Taco Johns for dinner then headed over to Goodwill.  I do like their Goodwill but, they don't have the club card type thing offering 5% off, and they have alot of "new items" instead of mostly used.  Jake found a blanket jacket that he said was pretty pricey at PacSun, we got it for $5!  I got a sweater, which I definitely didn't need, but love. Then we headed to Kohls and were pleasantly surprised that it is pretty big and has everything, but bought nothing.  Headed home after that for my guilty pleasure Lifetime show; Dance Moms. 
   I am looking forward to tonight as it's Wednesday!  I love Wednesday night television; The Middle and Modern Family.
   My advice for the day; Think hard and long before you marry.  And re-marry.  Life with ex's and spouses ex's is difficult.  I am being kind by saying difficult.  At this moment I would like to stab myself in the eyeball rather than dealing with a spouses ex.  Enough said.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fingers Crossed

   Another day in the quiet northwoods.  Not!  Woke up today at around 350am and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I hate that my brain refuses to turn off at times.  So I got up and went through all my scrapbook supplies and organized everything in preparation for an upcoming scrap weekend away. (Cannot find any of my cop stuff, very sad, hope it's in the storage locker).  Down sized a little bit.  It feels good.  I love cleaning and organizing.  Any who, while finishing up, I decided time for a morning shower, NOT.  Once again a problem with the well.  So here we sit waiting for the well drilling service.  They have been here once since we moved in and it was relatively reasonable.  I am really worried this time.  We are renters, but have agreed to maintain the place as long as it's feasable.  If it's something really expensive the owner said he wouldn't be able to afford it and we would have to find somewhere else to live.  Oh my gosh.  Stress is killing me. 
   Also, Bob's youngest was being, oh let's say sassy and we had to go pick him up and bring him up here.  He started the 2nd semester at Northland Pines in Eagle River.  It seems to be a good fit.  So far so good.  Gives Bob a bit of purpose right now.  It makes me sad, as it is an in-your-face constant reminder that my kids are so far away. 
   We still are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the acceptance of Bailey Bruno to the US Army.  She oh so wants this.  The one snafu is her eye.  As some may know, she has a tiny glass tube in the inside corner of her right eye.  This is a type of "gutter" if you will.  She had many surgeries as a youngster for a blocked tear duct. This allows her tears to run back into her nasal system instead of streaking down her face.  Eventually, this jones tube was placed in and seems to be the fix. Well the Army hasn't heard of this and almost rejected her.  Her file has made it to the Attorney General's Office!  Bailey's surgeon is an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.  He has sent a letter to the AG stating that Bailey would be fine even in a combative situation.  So, we are holding our breath still.  This is something Bailey has been looking forward to with such passion, a passion I really haven't seen in her before.
   I am grateful for many things.  I am trying to remain positive.  I know it could be much, much worse.  But a little self pity is going on here.  I miss THE STORE, and being part of it.  I miss my cop job.  I miss the kids and contact with the outside world. 
   So, while I sit here with fingers crossed because we are trying to get back on our feet financially, hoping this well service isn't going to cost alot, I will continue to think about all that I am grateful for. 


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doe Eyed

   So here I sit, browsing the computer.  Something I always wanted to do but didn't have time.  Yea, sure I logged into facebook, perused friends recent pics, looked at status updates, quickly clicked onto hotmail to check emails, and then gmail.  However, now I can actually look at scrapbook sites.  Trying to get the creative juices flowing, ideas for marketing and sales.  It's fun!  So many ideas out there.  Very inspiring for the average Joe. 
   Bob is training at his new part time job today.  I sit and wonder how it feels (in between the clicking of the keys of the keyboard).  Bob hasn't "worked for the man" in forever.  Punching in, taking a break when told to do so, following directions, using a computer, smiling, not being moody.  Bob is used to being his own boss.  Running a crew, running the show. This should be an experience.  A HUGE learning experience for him and me.
   It's blowing and snowing with no end in sight.  The doe outside is beautiful.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, waiting seems to be what I do most.  My life has changed so drastically living up in Eagle River.  My life prior to ER was always, always, always rushed.  Rush to go to work, rush home after an unknown amount of time at work to rush and make dinner and run errands, including but not limited to; kids sports, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, picking up prescriptions, cleaning, dog walking, changing sheets, doing laundry, folding laundry, putting laundry away, more cleaning, hurry up and get to bed to start the next day to do it all over again.  I wasted so much money.  Because I couldn't get enough done in a day, I quickly ran to the local store to get whatever it was we were out of, without even looking at prices, there was no time.  It seemed if Bob and I had plans it also was in a rush.  Hurry up Bob, get home from work and shower so we can get there on time.  (I hate being late).  Nothing was at a nice pace.  Ever.  I am not exaggerating.  Now; so much different.  I actually have time to cut coupons, walk leisurely down all the aisles at the grocery store, AFTER which I have already shopped at the Family Dollar for the items I know I can get cheaper there!  So back to waiting...I wait for the mail, I wait for 2:00 to come so I can feed the dogs, I wait for phone calls from friends and family, wait to hear if anyone will come and visit.  So the above picture is me waiting for fish.  Yea, even waiting for the fish in the lake to hit the bait.  I do know that I need to find some purpose.  Waiting is not what I want my life to turn into.....

Heather's Organic Living Blog: Food Renegade - Awesome Website!

Heather's Organic Living Blog: Food Renegade - Awesome Website!:

Heather's Organic Living Blog: Food Renegade - Awesome Website!

Heather's Organic Living Blog: Food Renegade - Awesome Website!: