Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chopped (not blended) Family....

   Such a week!  Busiest week that I have had in forever.  I went on a scrapbook weekend with my good friends Carolyn and Kristi and had an awesome and much needed time away. I really needed that laughter.  Then Sunday spent the night at my parents and got to catch up with Bailey who is staying there, finishing her senior year.  Then onward to see the sunny Uncles in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  I went with my good friend Misty and met my son Niko there (haven't seen him in 7 months!).  We were there Monday through Saturday. Had a fabulously, quiet, relaxing time. Great weather even though we failed to see the illusive manatee.  I hated to come back to the snow and cold. Spent Saturday night at my parents again, went for a polish buffet style lunch on Sunday with Bailey and my mom and dad then headed back to ER.  Bob left for Milwaukee, leaving Jake and I to fend for ourselves for a week.
  Lucky Bob is staying at my parents house, getting food served to him constantly, having towels put out for him before his shower, and sleeping in an awesomely dark, quiet bedroom.  However, I got to meet some new friends!  I cannot believe it!  I have been here 2 months and have networked with some wonderful ladies that made me feel like I have been here forever.  We talked about medical and mental health, kids, crafts, church, animals, husbands, ex-spouses, blended (or as Cathy would say "chopped") families and foods.  Then I was taken to a wonderful organic food store, the smells were amazing...and onward to a small scrap store in Rhinelander.  Lastly, we stopped at the local Childrens Museum which was extremely interesting.  I wish my kids were little!  Next week it appears I may be helping co-ordinate a card class or workshop!  So excited.  Finally it's starting to feel a little more normal for me.
   Yesterday Jake and I took the drive to Rhinelander and munched on Taco Johns for dinner then headed over to Goodwill.  I do like their Goodwill but, they don't have the club card type thing offering 5% off, and they have alot of "new items" instead of mostly used.  Jake found a blanket jacket that he said was pretty pricey at PacSun, we got it for $5!  I got a sweater, which I definitely didn't need, but love. Then we headed to Kohls and were pleasantly surprised that it is pretty big and has everything, but bought nothing.  Headed home after that for my guilty pleasure Lifetime show; Dance Moms. 
   I am looking forward to tonight as it's Wednesday!  I love Wednesday night television; The Middle and Modern Family.
   My advice for the day; Think hard and long before you marry.  And re-marry.  Life with ex's and spouses ex's is difficult.  I am being kind by saying difficult.  At this moment I would like to stab myself in the eyeball rather than dealing with a spouses ex.  Enough said.

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