Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's the little things

As I sit in the driveway, enjoying this glorious day, in shock and disbelief that it's in the high 60's in northern Wisconsin, so early in the season.  Yesterday topped out at 83 degrees!  I am thankful for the little things.  My ER friend and I drive to Rhinelander each (almost every) Tuesday and coffee clutch with some ladies then do some city type errands.  Today was a plant day.  As most of you know I love my flowers.  I miss my perennial garden terribly, however I more than likely can grab a few from the yard when back in Milwaukee in two weeks.  Today we stopped at the local organic food store and found some pretty good deals for up here.  Flats in ER were $20!!! And a single 4inch Gerbera Daisy pot was $25!!!  Seriously.  But in Rhinelander at the Golden Harvest Organic store, flats were more reasonable (gerbera daisy's were $7, same size pot).  I was able to snatch up a few annuals within my budget.  We also stopped at a nursery called Forth Floral.  It was kind of like a miniature Mileagers.  Very healthy, not too pricey plants.   I was so proud of myself as I did not go crazy in there!  Back in the day I could walk into one of those nurseries and walk out with so many flowers I couldn't fit them all in the car or truck in one trip!   So a little color will be great at the new house.

So on the downside...just got a call from Bob who says the hooptie (aka the pedophile van) is dead.  Took it to our good friend Ralph who says, it's not worth fixing.  The transmission is shot.  Sigh.  Oh well, ups and downs is how we roll.  Ralph says it could make it a month or six months.  Hopefully he will get back!

Also a bear got into our bird feeder overnight and had his way with my Shepard's hook. Bent it in half.  Rude.  Not too hot on the idea of a visiting bear with the dogs and all.  I guess I will bring in the yummies from now on at night. 

I had a visitor this last weekend that helped with a butt load of yardwork.  Maddie was nice enough to come with her mom Misty and hang out while we sweated and worked hard.  As you see her and Maggie are also hard at work....lots more to do.  But, I love yard work and shaping it into a pretty space.  Well, the blue jays are yelling at me because they can't get to their feeder with me sitting here.  Headed in to finish some trim painting on my door.  It seems I have started a tradition and I have painted my entry door purple.  Sounds like a good name for a book, "Angie and the purple door".  Oh wait, that's Harold and the purple crayon!

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