Saturday, February 25, 2012

Worry is my middle name

   Started typing beforing posting a title today.  Don't know what to title this.  As I am headed in the direction of thinking that things happen for a reason and that there may be a bigger plan for me somewhere, something happens that makes me question this. 
   I am renting a fabulous home in ER, that we are very satisfied with and extremely fortunate to have found.  The dogs are in heaven, there's a beautiful view, wildlife, an actual scrapbook room for me, the list goes on.  But we received some mail for the landlord today that has me wondering if it's too good to be true.  I am thinking he may be losing the house.  This is NOT confirmed, but just a suspicion. (No valid proof on any circuit court records either).  Sigh.  I do not know what I will do if we have to move.  I don't know how we could ever find a place like this again.  This is a picture of the back of the house that faces a teeny, tiny lake.  The house actually has 2 stories and a dry, clean basement besides that is accessed through an outside door only (where all hunting and fishing attire and supplies are stored).  The lot is almost 4 acres of woods.  We also have a garage in the front of the house, up the driveway about 75 yards from the house, which stores my car, and a trailer.  Again, I feel we are very fortunate.  It was affordable, perfect location, efficient and has become our home, not just a house. 
   So, I call said landlord (who lives in another state), and his phone is off!  OMG.  Sigh.  So I either have to write to him, or continue to try calling his cell phone on a future date.  In the meantime, I WILL NOT worry.  Yea, right.  Worry is my middle name. 
   On a positive note; Bob is in Milwaukee making some money, working on an exterior of a house, working on remodeling a bathroom, and some other odd jobs.  He is staying at my parents and spending some time with Bailey, which she loves.  Jake and I are keeping busy, feeding the deer, watching tv and running errands. 
   Yesterday dropped 2 inches of snow and tomorrow starts a storm with 40mph winds and 4-8 inches of snow!  So today, we took a trip to Minocqua to check out a cute store called "Stamp This, Scrap That".  Owner/operator K was super nice and helpful.  They had lots of outdoorsy type products that I can't get in Milwaukee, including custome laser die cuts with words like "Eagle River" and such.  We also found 3 Re-sale/thrift shops that were awesome!  I am thrilled that Jake doesn't mind stopping and shopping at these places!  And we went to Kim's Cozy Cabin www.kimscozycabinhomedecor.  What an awesome place!  It happens to be right across the road from Bob and Jake's favorite fishing store Rollie & Helen's Musky Pro Shop.  So I stopped for Jake and his fave, then we tried Kim's.  OMG.  It was awesome.  She has over 100 artists displayed there, and I am not talking just art.  Wow.  Anything from custom toilet paper holders, to keychains, wall art, get the point.  And REASONABLE.  I walked in thinking "oh, oh this is going to be way out of my league", and found it wasn't!  Really cool stuff.  I can't wait to take Bob there.  Lots of fishing type house decor that anyone would love in their home.
   So, we then headed to Walmart, bought some necessities, grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.  We took "J" home and went past a few State Forest areas, when I finally decided we should check some out.  We headed to the boat launch by Clear Lake and saw people snowshoeing, and a man walking his black lab way up in the woods.  Very nice.  What a beautiful area I live in.  We couldn't help ourselves, and stopped at Dariy Queen for blizzards (without a coupon, I felt so sassy!).  Now we are stuffed and content.  Except for that whole possibly having to move thing, it's been a pretty good day.
   Tomorrow Jake and I are going to Church.  Yep, you heard me.  We are going to Grace Foursquare in Rhinelander.  I think it's considered Rhinelander...Have NO idea how that is going to feel.  But we are going to give it a try.  It was very nice of my new friend C to offer to meet us there and make us feel comfortable.  I am looking forward to it.  I guess I have something to pray for :)


  1. Hope you enjoyed it. Time to learn how to stop worrying too! It won't change a thing! Praying will!

  2. Mom, I don't think things happen for a reason! I don't believe it at all!