Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I never imagined; while staring at the tv in horror watching the real life violence unfold, I wondered what would happen when I went to work that day. I was a 32 yr old single mom of a spunky 7 yr old and an 8 yr old that acted almost like an adult. I put on my uniform later that day and prayed that the kids would be fine when my mom picked them up from school, and worried that they would have que...
stions about what happened today. Also, would they be fearful that something bad would happen to me? I always downplayed my career, not wanting their innocence to be tarnished with fear that something bad could happen to mommy. I was really the center of their world. At work we all walked into role call that day in stunned silence. I will never forget. That night as a 2nd shift police officer, I NEVER IMAGINED, that my spunky 7 yr old daughter, 11 yrs later, would be enlisted as an active duty Army soldier. Eleven years ago I would have cried and begged her not to, out of fear. Today I cry tears of understanding and pride.