Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doe Eyed

   So here I sit, browsing the computer.  Something I always wanted to do but didn't have time.  Yea, sure I logged into facebook, perused friends recent pics, looked at status updates, quickly clicked onto hotmail to check emails, and then gmail.  However, now I can actually look at scrapbook sites.  Trying to get the creative juices flowing, ideas for marketing and sales.  It's fun!  So many ideas out there.  Very inspiring for the average Joe. 
   Bob is training at his new part time job today.  I sit and wonder how it feels (in between the clicking of the keys of the keyboard).  Bob hasn't "worked for the man" in forever.  Punching in, taking a break when told to do so, following directions, using a computer, smiling, not being moody.  Bob is used to being his own boss.  Running a crew, running the show. This should be an experience.  A HUGE learning experience for him and me.
   It's blowing and snowing with no end in sight.  The doe outside is beautiful.

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