Friday, December 30, 2011

This is my new life

It has been a year for the history books.  Here we are re-located to Eagle River, Wisconsin and this is right outside of our living room window.  December 30, 2011 and Bob left to take 4 of the 5 kids back to Milwaukee where they go on with their lives and we go on with ours, here in the Town of Cloverland, in Eagle River. (Niko remains in Hollywood, CA, living his dream).  Eagle River population 1,512 (plus 2).  Due to limitations set upon me by the State of Wisconsin, I am searching for a way to fill my days that doesn't conflict with their "rules".  This may include, possibly volunteering at the local animal shelter, hopefully making scrapbooks for people, and maybe even stripping and re-finishing furniture.  My days of trying to "squeeze" in scrapbooking are now over.  I have a dedicated room and hope to get lots accomplished.  And for FUN.  It now will once again be a hobby.  Even weekly!  The sadness is a little much as I worry about Bailey and her last few months of high school, living at my parents, with her new dream of the ARMY looming in the near future.  With one day left of 2011 I look back at a few of the positives and try to forget the many negatives of the year.  #1 The Scrapbook Store, #2 Niko graduated and moved onto his dreamland, #3 Bob and I made it through which appears to be our most challenging year, #4 Health; good and bad, but I am STILL HERE, #5 friends and family.  Here's to a great New Year. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Almost there........

      Living between 2 houses; I spend alot of Thursdays thru Sundays in Eagle River trying to get the new place ready for the transition.  I don't like it.  It's difficult.  Emotional.  Sad.  Hard.  But, it will get easier.  It will feel like home.  This week, I stayed home.  In Milwaukee, to spend an entire, alone week with Bailey.  It's awesome.  I really needed this.  Bailey turns 18 in less than a month, and I am so fortunate to have such a lovely, kind, friend of a daughter (no offense Niko, I miss you terribly).  We are watching movies, eating junk and laughing, alot. 
       Another thing I miss terribly; scrapbooking.  I can't wait until all my stuff is moved into my new scrapbbook room. I am saving for a new Nikon1 camera, for awesome outside, action shots.  It's so beautiful in ER.  I sure hope the laid back lifestyle works for me.
       Although not a religious person, I pray for a happy Thanksgiving for all my family and friends.  

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yet another attempt...

   I  have tried more than once to post more blogs to be bounced out half way through while using my Xoom.  Modern technology frustrates me so much.   First kudos to Niko, my son who turns 19 this coming Monday and is on his own in Hollywood California.  He is learning the ropes on blogging and even has found how to make some money while doing it.  Please visit his blog;  He works at Target in North Hollywood, in between star stalking and giving us his opinions on everyday California life and it's people.  Doesn't he look happy???

On another note; the Krohn's have some major changes.  Bob and I are packing up and moving to Eagle River by 2012.  As I recover from knee replacement(s) surgery, I am slowly yet surely tossing, giving or packing all my belongings.  It saddens me beyond words, but due to unforeseen circumstances it's a done deal.  Have you see the movie The Shining with Jack Nicholson?  This will be me.  Re-cap....Jack, wife and son are caretakers for a winter at a huge resort type facility with no guests, no access in or out due to the weather. SNOW. Jack goes stir crazy.  Jack goes nuts.  This will be me I am afraid.  I feel way too social to be somewhere like this, population I kid you not.... 1,245.  Sigh.  Snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Our new home is in the middle of the woods.  Off of a pretty well known highway (70 I believe) but in the woods.  The nearest neighbor is literally more than 6 acres away.  Acres.  Snow.  The drive off of 70 to our house is a one way, in and out type road.  No, not a cul de sac.  Have you seen the movie Wrong Turn? Deliverance? Any of the Jason movies?  Well I think they used this road for the setting on those movies.  Seriously.  I saw a rusted 1940's type truck just on the side of the road.  And when I say road I use that term loosely.  It is several miles off of 70 INTO THE WOODS.  One way in, one way out.  SNOW. ACRES.

I plan on learning lots of things.  Stripping and staining old furniture, cake decorating, more on computers, etc.  I also plan on volunteering at the Vilas County Shelter....yea yea I know, no more animals.  No worries.  I will get my fill with them this way. (One can only hope).

On a positive note I have guns and know how to use them.  Seriously.  Thank goodness for my background.  I never thought I would be one of those people with a gun cabinet as a decorative piece in the living room.  I was wrong.  Betcha I will. 

The few positives in an almost disabling, earth shattering situation; there is a scrapbooking room for me, the dogs will love the ACRES, my verizon hotspot (our source of internet) DOES work there, I know how to use my guns, dish network, my movie collection is pretty huge, my knees are not well enough for me to help shovel out our vehicles, again; I know how to use my guns, yea I think that's it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

#1 flew the (cuckoos) nest

   Well it has been an entire month since my oldest, just 18 moved to Cali. He works, star stalks, blogs constantly, takes the bus and subway everywhere, asks me for nothing, calls frequently and seems to be having a great time. I still am sad that he chose this route, however it seems to be the right choice.  

   My knee is coming along. Slow, slow process, did I mention slow?
Good news/bad news; doing it all again next month! Yep getting the left one done before I change my mind. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 Niko leaving for LAX.  Much harder than expected. The Chief of Police for the City of Greenfield retires.  Kind of an emotional ceremony.  I really miss my job.  Bailey getting some loving from Bunnie the day we dropped Niko off at the airport.  And finally, Bob and I enjoying a nice dinner downtown watching our favorite local band Element 13 and of course the lead singer happens to be my favorite physical therapist that I have known for over 2 years.

Sorry ! Such a lapse in time....

   Where to begin?  So much happened between May and July, shame on me.  Here is the obvious new thing...on June 20th I had my right knee replaced.  A needed surgery that has become a very painful recovery. Two weeks prior to the surgery Niko and I travelled to Cali to find him a future home.  He now resides in North Hollywood and has a job at Target. He has been gone for 6 days and it feels like at least 2 weeks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here I am visiting the unc's in sunny  FL getting my doggie fix with their dog Cody, and I am's so easy here.  Hanging out, swimming, laughing, no worries, do I really have to go home?  
   Is it bad that I don't want to ever go home?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A wise woman...

   A wise woman once said to me, "bigger kids, bigger problems".  At the time my children were in middle school, hers were infants.  I laughed out loud as I mulled over the small issues I had at this point with my 2 red headed angels;  scrapes, bumps, so and so doesn't like me, what's for dinner? can I go to the movies with so and so and her mom,?can someone come over to play?...the list was pretty boring.  Fast forward to year 2011 <sigh>.  My angels are now a Junior and Senior in high school.  The hum drum issues I had a few years back have really changed.  I now have these; can I go to prom? can I stay out late? can I drive to Illinois with my friends? I am going to college in CALIFORNIA, how do I balance a checkbook? where do I go to pick up my prescription?  These seem like pretty normal end of teen year questions and dilemmas, however, my mind is spinning out of control > Did I set a positive example?  Will they make the right choices about drugs, alcohol, sex?  Will they give into peer pressure? Are they wearing their seatbelts? Do they get into cars with people who have been drinking? Do they have a strong enough voice to say no? Are they kind, considerate and caring to others? Will they succeed? Are they happy with who they are? Have they learned from my mistakes? Are they ready to be on their own?
   No one told me that parenting would be so painful.  I think back to the toddler years when both my children had some minor health issues which required quite a few minor surgeries.  At that time I thought the world was coming to an end.  That feeling has now tripled in my heart.  How will I ever let them go and feel that they are safe in this big, unpredictable world?

Friday, April 22, 2011

When in London...

   So my oldest is in London then onto Paris with school.  He paid for this adventure on his own. Quite the accomplishment for a high school senior that holds 2 jobs.  I am very proud of him.  He loves technology and has already posted a few pics of the land.  I plan on using this time as a trial period.  He wants to leave for California in July where he would start school at an Art Institute where he would hopefully obtain an Associate Degree in Digital Photography <sigh>.  It seems like just yesterday that this (oddly very red-headed) child would follow me around and wouldn't let me out of his sight.  Now he can't wait to get to another part of the country.  Bittersweet to know I must have done a pretty good job, however sad that time as flown by so fast.  Next year at this time, my daughter will also be anxiously awaiting that high school diploma in her hand and off to college <......sigh......>

Monday, April 18, 2011

What do you think?

Bob is a man of many faces. He loves to change it up. Awhile ago we dyed his hair platinum, so he could "grow it out" because he likes the look of roots!  Ha, look achieved, as you see. No this is not a midlife crisis, this is just Bob being Bob.  

Back to spring/pneumonia, etc.  I am on the upswing from this illness and really excited about warm weather coming.  Even though April showers mean muddy dogprints all over the Krohn household (zoo) - I'll take it.  The dogs love running out our patio door and playing rough and tumble in the grass.

Welcome spring! Or not....

So here we are, April 18th.  2 days post Bob's 43rd birthday, which was a total bust. I am recovering from pneunonia so we did absolutely nothing to celebrate.  To top it off, we woke up to this ...