Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Showers....

   Heading into April with the unknown still looming above.  At this point we have 2 houses lined up for possible land contract (rent to own).  There are positives to both and negatives to both.  Either one will be fine....I just want to have it done and over with, on paper, in the door, moved in, etc. 
 The Sayner home which we found on our own is smaller, more reasonable, charming, has character, newer siding, newer garage, metal roof, dry basement, decent yard, and no realtor involved, no extra added costs.  Downfalls; farther away than we wanted, smaller than we wanted, needs a bathroom total remodel, and stairs have to be moved (the stairs to the 2 small bedrooms that are upstairs are located in the bathroom, yep, bathroom).  The Eagle River home is much larger even enough to accomodate guests, great location, decent size garage and a pole barn, dry basement which is really large, newer roof and has a wood burner besides electric heat.  Downfalls; a little more expensive, needs every piece of carpeting ripped out, including the basement (which means replacing), needs extensive yard work, a realtor is involved and an attorney will be needed for the paper and the homeowner wants more of a down payment.  The house has a very basic layout, no additional charm at all.
   The Sayner home has accepted our offer and we could move forward, which we were going to do today, however...at the last minute the Eagle River house which initially declined our offer, is trying to work something out with us.  So... I am thankful for both opportunities and thankful for our realtor friend who has been really helping us out. 
   Bob is in Milwaukee this week building a house and staying at my parents, coming home (I think) on the weekend and brining Bails with him.  She will be staying for the week with me.  It's going to be awesome.  I really miss her.  She got sworn in today for the ARMY, and I missed it, I feel like I am really disappointing her.  I have a little surprise for her... I bought some little ARMY guys at WalMart, and I plan on making a cake and putting them on top, along with some other "way to go" small gifts.  Bob, Bailey and I are spending Easter at CC's house, who has really been kind and welcoming to us.  Bob will head back to Milwaukee after Easter sometime and Bailey and I will watch movies in our pj's all day, hit the thrift stores and catch up.  We also need to find her a (very) reasonable Prom dress, as she was recently asked by one of her best guy friends to go.
   I continue to think about my friends and family that are far away.  I will admit the scenery and the way of life up here in ER is beautiful, but I do still miss them. I miss the store, and the PD, as always....
   Niko is doing well, still.  He recently wrote up a resume and plans on trying to find a flight attendant job.  Target, however nice it is that he has a job, is just not his ultimate goal.  They tend to schedule him all over the board; days, afternoons, evenings, weekends, with no apparent pattern, which makes it hard for him to get a second job or schedule anything.  Travelling would be right up Niko's alley.  Perfect fit.  He is somewhat of a loner, but makes friends easily.  I can just hear him being a little snarky "no sir, we DO NOT provide pillows..." can't you???
 Hopefully next post there will be sunshine and answers.   


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