Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbow in my woods

   I  am starting to feel a little less of a visitor and more of a resident.  This past few weeks has been pretty positive.  There were so many ups and downs with house hunting.  Of course I use the terms "house hunting" loosely.  We were really so pressed for time trying to find a place we could call home before our current landlord returns from Florida, my constant fear that Bob would beat the living snot out of him if we saw him in person.  I also didn't want to pay said landlord one extra penny,  I wanted to be out.  We were juggling the prospect of 3 separate houses, one worse than the other.   One was tiny, I mean tiny. One was dirty, and really dirty.  And the last one was far away from town, pricey and very much in the boondocks. 
   Bob was leaving last week to go work in Milwaukee for 5 days and I had found a craigslist posting for a house just down the road from us that was for rent and on the Wisconsin River.  Bob told me not to bother calling as he did not want to rent and really was hoping to find a house on land contract.  So of course I did what any good wife does, and used total disregard and called on it.  I spoke to such a nice sincere man that explained to me that I probably would not be interested as he would really prefer to sell on rent to own!  There was some competition as another interested party wanted to buy it outright, but I could come and see it if I would like.  I fell in love, instantly.  This house needs no immediate attention.  There are a couple little things Bob could tinker with, but definitely nothing huge and/or expensive.  Three levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, new carpeting, new flooring, newer toilets, showers, brand new kitchen appliances, a butcher block island with a dishwasher in it, gas fireplace in the kitchen, house heated by LP gas, electric backup if necessary, a screened in porch facing the huge backyard that leads to the river (I will refer to this as the veranda, it sounds so much cooler than I really am), and 135 feet of river frontage, with a pier.  Sigh. 
   Two of the houses that we were crossing our fingers about, turned us down as they decided against selling on land contract.  The last house (the dirty, dingy house) that was on the line had turned down our initial offer, however accepted our counter offer verbally, but not on paper.  And at this point they hadn't met the time frame to respond.  So here we were in limbo. 
   April 10th, my last day to pay the rent on our current house before he assumes that it is our 60 day notice, I receive a call from the nice gentleman from the Wisconsin River house.  Brad.  I could kiss Brad and his business partner Randy.  What an awesome pair.  I had told them everything and we worked out an awesome deal. And I mean everything.  We are in a rent to own situation for 2 years or more, putting down a down payment and with part of rent going towards the principal/down payment of the house. 
   We don't close until May 1st, but I have been there a few times doing some yard work and sitting on the pier in awe.  I keep thinking; if we didn't rent our current house, and have to leave after only a few months, we would never have found this amazing place. 
   I must say that faith has been playing a huge role.  Our new church is awesome.  Even as I type this I am watching an episode of The Big C on Showtime.  The young man who is in high school just joined a Bible group at school. It really is painting a different picture of what I had assumed in the past that bible study was about.  Bob and I go to a new friends house and watch a video called "The Truth Project".  I really enjoy it.  I really am learning so much.  I also decided that there are no coincidences.  I feel that I am here in ER for a reason, that I have met my FDL girlfriends for a reason, along with my new northwoods friends. 
   I promise to worry less.  I look forward to moving into our new home.  I feel guilty and not deserving of how beautiful it is, but I am going to earn it.  I am thankful for my health, my family, and my friends.  I will continue to miss my friends and family and the PD and The Scrapbook Store.  And I will continue to keep my new faith.

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