Monday, March 5, 2012

cabin fever

Glad my husband is back.  Dogs even seem more at ease.  Had a wonderful weekend at Klondike Days in Eagle River. Bailey came for the weekend and I really enjoy seeing her, even if she seemed quiet and reserved.  I think she is pondering moving here in the summer if the Army falls through, I know she is torn between living here with mom and staying south, hanging with grandma and grandpa to keep them company.  I wonder what way the chips will fall.  Three short months until my baby graduates from high school.

Financially we are getting back on our feet.  No clue on our current rental situation but I decided to put worry on the back burner.  I continue to look for the perfect job, to no avail.  

The snow total turned out to be more than 20 inches last week, and we really had fun sledding down Chickaree Lake Rd on small, round saucers. We also built quite the fort.    I look forward to warmer weather so I can walk without fear of slipping on the ice.  Fell on my butt last week and still can feel it in my bones.  Winter fat is starting to pack on!!!

Starting to really miss some friends south of here. Hoping to visit with them soon. 

Niko continues to thrive in Cali, and as I know as he reads this I say... 3 more months Niko!  More work, so I don't worry so much.

Baby Kitty has decided to take up residence on my chest, time to stop blogging and start petting.  

Happy thoughts :D

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