Friday, December 30, 2011

This is my new life

It has been a year for the history books.  Here we are re-located to Eagle River, Wisconsin and this is right outside of our living room window.  December 30, 2011 and Bob left to take 4 of the 5 kids back to Milwaukee where they go on with their lives and we go on with ours, here in the Town of Cloverland, in Eagle River. (Niko remains in Hollywood, CA, living his dream).  Eagle River population 1,512 (plus 2).  Due to limitations set upon me by the State of Wisconsin, I am searching for a way to fill my days that doesn't conflict with their "rules".  This may include, possibly volunteering at the local animal shelter, hopefully making scrapbooks for people, and maybe even stripping and re-finishing furniture.  My days of trying to "squeeze" in scrapbooking are now over.  I have a dedicated room and hope to get lots accomplished.  And for FUN.  It now will once again be a hobby.  Even weekly!  The sadness is a little much as I worry about Bailey and her last few months of high school, living at my parents, with her new dream of the ARMY looming in the near future.  With one day left of 2011 I look back at a few of the positives and try to forget the many negatives of the year.  #1 The Scrapbook Store, #2 Niko graduated and moved onto his dreamland, #3 Bob and I made it through which appears to be our most challenging year, #4 Health; good and bad, but I am STILL HERE, #5 friends and family.  Here's to a great New Year. 

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