Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yet another attempt...

   I  have tried more than once to post more blogs to be bounced out half way through while using my Xoom.  Modern technology frustrates me so much.   First kudos to Niko, my son who turns 19 this coming Monday and is on his own in Hollywood California.  He is learning the ropes on blogging and even has found how to make some money while doing it.  Please visit his blog;  He works at Target in North Hollywood, in between star stalking and giving us his opinions on everyday California life and it's people.  Doesn't he look happy???

On another note; the Krohn's have some major changes.  Bob and I are packing up and moving to Eagle River by 2012.  As I recover from knee replacement(s) surgery, I am slowly yet surely tossing, giving or packing all my belongings.  It saddens me beyond words, but due to unforeseen circumstances it's a done deal.  Have you see the movie The Shining with Jack Nicholson?  This will be me.  Re-cap....Jack, wife and son are caretakers for a winter at a huge resort type facility with no guests, no access in or out due to the weather. SNOW. Jack goes stir crazy.  Jack goes nuts.  This will be me I am afraid.  I feel way too social to be somewhere like this, population I kid you not.... 1,245.  Sigh.  Snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Our new home is in the middle of the woods.  Off of a pretty well known highway (70 I believe) but in the woods.  The nearest neighbor is literally more than 6 acres away.  Acres.  Snow.  The drive off of 70 to our house is a one way, in and out type road.  No, not a cul de sac.  Have you seen the movie Wrong Turn? Deliverance? Any of the Jason movies?  Well I think they used this road for the setting on those movies.  Seriously.  I saw a rusted 1940's type truck just on the side of the road.  And when I say road I use that term loosely.  It is several miles off of 70 INTO THE WOODS.  One way in, one way out.  SNOW. ACRES.

I plan on learning lots of things.  Stripping and staining old furniture, cake decorating, more on computers, etc.  I also plan on volunteering at the Vilas County Shelter....yea yea I know, no more animals.  No worries.  I will get my fill with them this way. (One can only hope).

On a positive note I have guns and know how to use them.  Seriously.  Thank goodness for my background.  I never thought I would be one of those people with a gun cabinet as a decorative piece in the living room.  I was wrong.  Betcha I will. 

The few positives in an almost disabling, earth shattering situation; there is a scrapbooking room for me, the dogs will love the ACRES, my verizon hotspot (our source of internet) DOES work there, I know how to use my guns, dish network, my movie collection is pretty huge, my knees are not well enough for me to help shovel out our vehicles, again; I know how to use my guns, yea I think that's it.

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  1. Thanks for posting my blog link mom(: and never described the shack up North like that to me?...the woods....the middle of nowhere!? AHHH! 1940's sign!? this really does sound like the Jason movies!