Friday, April 22, 2011

When in London...

   So my oldest is in London then onto Paris with school.  He paid for this adventure on his own. Quite the accomplishment for a high school senior that holds 2 jobs.  I am very proud of him.  He loves technology and has already posted a few pics of the land.  I plan on using this time as a trial period.  He wants to leave for California in July where he would start school at an Art Institute where he would hopefully obtain an Associate Degree in Digital Photography <sigh>.  It seems like just yesterday that this (oddly very red-headed) child would follow me around and wouldn't let me out of his sight.  Now he can't wait to get to another part of the country.  Bittersweet to know I must have done a pretty good job, however sad that time as flown by so fast.  Next year at this time, my daughter will also be anxiously awaiting that high school diploma in her hand and off to college <......sigh......>

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